”Cennette ekmek var mı?”

Aawwww :(

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Let’s show everyone in the stadium that we ravens can fly.

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He’s flying!

Places of Solitude, 2013 | by Laura Tidwell

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more than a thousand times i tried to forget You..
but i kept repeating Your name for a million times..
i tried busy myself with unwanted things sinning here and there,
so that i could just forget You and take you off from my mind..
but every second,every minute,every day and night.. my heart kept screaming for You..
finally i realized that trying to forget You is an impossible thing..
so i released this madness inside my own brain..
seeing nothing but Your beautiful face..
You reflect nothing but beauty..
everything is but a mirror of You..
if only i can understand how to be true..
i’ll sacrifice anything for You..



Story of Palestine Gaza!!